At Optionbox Networks, we don’t just deal with the digital world. For many businesses, protecting your office, shop or site is equally important as your network. Often, it’s one of your primary concerns. CCTV has come on in leaps and bounds in recent years, as technology and the capacity of internet networks have developed in harmony to work together.

Internet CCTV is becoming increasingly popular with businesses of every size and industry, as a far more reliable way to keep tabs on your premises. Surveillance cameras not only deter crime, but will also help you get to the bottom of an incident if one occurs. Our team has an expert understanding of the field, and can set your workplace up with the latest technology.

IP CCTV Solutions

Offering much higher resolutions and footage that can be stored and viewed from any device, IP CCTV cameras have rapidly outstripped their analogue ancestors in recent years. A flexible but effective way to keep on top of security, IP surveillance can easily slot into your existing network infrastructure, to deliver quality footage for your property around the clock.

Monitor your shop floor, or install wireless IP cameras for outdoor surveillance, depending on your requirements. Internet CCTV can easily be adapted to the needs of any business, and Optionbox Networks offers the expertise to get you up and running with your new surveillance system as quickly as possible.

Our team will deliver a solution that integrates your IP system within the framework of your network, with plenty of flexibility to change the set-up in the future. We’ll help you get to grips with accessing and managing the footage, and give you peace of mind that you have the support you need if ever you have a problem.

Interested in finding our more about IP CCTV? Get in touch with the Optionbox Networks team and we’d be happy to talk through your requirements.