As mobile technology becomes increasingly important and more businesses move away from the standard 9-5 office environment, virtualisation is leading the way in making business more mobile. With a virtual desktop, you and your workforce can access your desktops remotely, from any device.

The benefits of virtualisation are countless for businesses, from more flexibility in working arrangements to decreased expenditure on technology in the long term. Optionbox Networks can make virtual desktops a reality for your business, and help you get to grips with this new but popular concept.

Hosted Virtual Desktops

Virtualisation allows a business and its employees to access their customised desktop from anywhere and any device, by logging into their hosted account to instantly retrieve their account details. Users can customise their desktop as normal, from emails to applications, and simply log out when they’ve finished working. So if your business hasn’t got the budget or necessity to give every employee their own IT system, this is a popular solution for SMEs.

Hosted virtual desktops are also popular for businesses with a highly mobile workforce. If you’re constantly away from your desk at conferences, meetings and business trips, it’s essential that you don’t let admin fall at the wayside. Virtualisation makes it easier to manage your daily activity on the go, with one customised solution for all of your devices.

Why Choose Optionbox Networks?

Like the sound of virtual desktops but not quite sure where to start? Or what hosting platform to choose? Optionbox Networks makes virtualisation a simple and stress-free process for your business. We’ll take care of the fine details to get your desktops up and running. Whether you’re a one man band or a growing workforce with rapidly developing needs, our friendly team will bring your business into the digital age with an affordable virtual solution.

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