Optionbox Networks were approached by a business centre in Harrogate to organise and redesign their internal network.

Current Problems

  • 3 ADSL lines were being shared across 24 rooms
  • There was no way of guaranteeing bandwidth to each room
  • Each room had no dedicated external IP address (tenants unable to set up VPN, remote access etc)
  • Untidy cabling
  • Faulty network points

20150303_134326 20150303_134320 20150303_134318



  • Installation of a 100mb fibre lease line
  • Test and repair all network points
  • Recable the cabinet
  • Mount ADSL sockets to the wall
  • Installation of a server to allocate bandwidth to each room
  • Put each room on their own network, separating them from other tenants and giving each room their own external IP address

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