HDD (Hard Disk Drive) & SSD (Solid State Drive) Explained

An SSD is a storage device which uses microchips to hold the information, rather than the more traditional mechanical hard drive, which uses spinning metal platters with a magnetic coating.  Your data, whether it be weather reports, high definition movies or word documents are all stored on this metal coating. A read/write head on an arm accesses the data while the platters are spinning.

The SSD does much the same job, but instead of storing on a magnetic coating, data is stored in interconnected flash chips.

Inside a hard drive and ssd

What improvements are seen with a SSD


A PC equipped with a SSD will boot in a matter of seconds; certainly less than 1 minute


SSD’s dont care where the data is stored on the physical chips because there is no read head


A SSD does not have any moving parts, which makes it less prone to physical damage.


The video below demonstrates the performance gained by using a SSD.