As of July 14th 2015, Microsoft will officially stop supporting Windows Server 2003.


Whilst most of us have moved away from Windows XP, which had its “End of Life” in April 2014, still more than 30% of small to medium-sized businesses are using Windows Server 2003.


End of life means that Microsoft will stop updating and developing software patches for Windows Server 2003. This will include:


  • Security flaw patches
  • Software patches for programs designed by Microsoft for windows server 2003
  • Accurate antivirus compatibility
  • New software compatibility
  • Hardware drivers

You will also find that developers will stop developing software for Windows Server 2003 and in turn may find that any accounting or business software that is used is no longer compatible with your infrastructure.


Of course you still have the option to stay with Windows Server 2003 but it’s not recommended.


Out of date software brings with it security flaws, without updates from Microsoft your system could be open to attacks from hackers and viruses.


New vulnerabilities arise all the time and you’re essentially putting your data and business at risk by not upgrading.


Could you afford to lose all your businesses data to someone else or have it completely wiped out by a virus?


Please be aware: If you’re in the medical industry, you’re technically not HIPAA compliant if you’re using an unsupported software.


There are many options available to upgrade, from upgrading your hardware and operating system, Refreshing old hardware with an up to date version of windows server to using the cloud or a hybrid consisting of a local server with cloud features like office 365.


Whatever you decide to do we can help. Please get in touch if you have any questions regarding the end of Windows Server 2003.